Child Themes

If you are looking for a theme for your site an have found one that nearly does the job then perhaps you should be thinking of developing a child theme. Using a child theme is an easy and an way of modifying an exiting theme. Don’t be tempted to modify the code of an exiting theme as when it is updated you will find all your changes overwritten and have to do them all over again if you can remember how.

That Tools Do You Need?

If you have a first class web editor such as DreamWeaver then that’s really all you need. If you don’t have software like that then don’t worry, simple free tools will work. A simple text editor like Windows Notepad and an FTP client is all you want. If you are a Bluegoldfish customer then you have access to all you need is the File Manaer on the Bluegoldfish Internet Services Site Control Panel.

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